Daventry Motorcycle school runs regular DIRECT ACCESS courses.
We provide training for those wishing to complete categories:

'A1' (125cc / small bike licence),
'A2' (35kW or 47bhp / medium bike licence)
'A' licence (big bike / full licence)
via direct or staged access motorcycle tests.

For each of these licences, all the tuition, theory and vehicle hire are provided in the training.
We guarantee that all tuition will be arranged so that there are never more than TWO trainees to ONE instructor.

Each of these licences represent incredible value, priced individually to you!
Most trainees that come with a great learning attitude complete our course in as little as three days.

We tend to find that most candidates take between 15 and 20 hours of training to become
fully prepared for the examinations.

Throughout 2016, our first time candidate pass rate was around 92%,
as 9 out of 10 candidates successfully passed their tests on their first attempt.

Our overall pass rate exceeds 83%, bettering the UK total average by about than 10%.*

To check availability or to arrange a booking for motorcycle training,
contact John at the Daventry Motorcycle School on:
Mob: 07912 219 733
Tel: 01327 702 541
or Email:

(see https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/motorcycle-practical-riding-test-operational-statistics for details
Based on Gov.UK draft statistics ('total tests avg' 2016/2017 YTD: 72.2% Module 1 pass rate  / 70.6% Module 2 pass rate)
Gov.UK page last updated 30/Mar/2017 as at last access on 07/June/2017
Our statistics correct as at 27/Feb/2017)
Training partner to Ford since 2013
Contact Details: Mob:
07912 219 733
, Tel:
01327 702 541
, Email: