Terms and Conditions
All training provided by Daventry Motorcycle School is subject to the trainee accepting the following conditions:
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1. All courses are booked on the basis of the information that you have given us, responsibility for ensuring that these details (including your licence entitlements) are correct are yours - this includes how much previous riding experience you have told us you have. Not having read this notice does not exempt you from the consequences of cancellation fees etc.

2. You must arrive in plenty of time to allow the course to start at the correct time. If you are later than the notified start time then the course will start without you, and in the case of the CBT you will lose your course fee. Failure to show up to your training sessions will result in your course fees being lost.

3. Should you wish to cancel or change the date of your training session, we require the following notice:

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) courses - 7 days notice.
Full test training (all categories) - 14 days notice.

If the above notice is not given the FULL course fee will be lost. Please note that once any part of a course is started then no refund will be given. Where a training course consists of more than 1 day, once any part has been started then no refund will be given for the course booked. For example, this means that if you have booked both CBT and test training, once you have started the CBT course there is no refund given for any subsequent parts of the course.

If you do cancel a course with more than 7 days notice, a £20.00 administration fee will be charged. With fewer than 7 days notice a £40.00 administration fee will be charged.

4. In the event that you are ill on the day of training we may be able to move your training to a different day but will require medical proof in the form of a doctor's certificate.

5. If you purchase a Gift Voucher then you will be able to get a refund within 28 days of purchase, subject to a £20 admin fee. Gift Vouchers are non-refundable after 28 days and are valid for 12 months of the purchase date; a transfer of the voucher may be possible at our discretion but would carry a £20 admin fee.

6. Prior to the commencement of any training session, you will be required to pass an eye sight test. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, please remember to have them with you. You must be able to read an old style number plate e.g. A123 BCD at or 20.5 metres or the newer style number plate e.g. AB14 CDE from 20 metres.

7. There are no longer motorcycles or mopeds provided by the Daventry Motorcycle School, so you must that you bring your own vehicle, with its current insurance certificate, a valid MOT certificate (if over 3 years old), FULL SIZE L plates displayed front and rear, which is road legal and mechanically sound. Your vehicle registration will be checked against the national road tax database before training commences.

Note that if you are taking a motorcycle test then the vehicles must have a speedometer that displays Miles Per Hour (MPH), if you are going for an A2 test that it has a Restriction Certificate, and is suitable for the test you wish to take, i.e., (A1, A2 etc.). The responsibility for ensuring that your bike is suitable and eligible for test is yours.

8. If, when using one of our training machines, you were to cause damage to the vehicle provided by Daventry Motorcycle School, you would be liable to pay the first £250 towards any repairs to the motorcycle itself and a maximum of £250 toward each piece of equipment, such as helmet damaged, or to replace it yourself, however these are no longer offered due to COVID regulations. See next point.

9. You are required to wear suitable clothing, i.e. A strong jacket, gloves, long trousers and sturdy boots before training will commence. Due to COVID regulations, we are no longer able to supply personal protective gear for you to borrow, and wearing gear that fits YOU individually, whilst a necessity is your responsibility. We will recommend competitive safety equipment suppliers on request.

10. All payments are due in FULL 7 days before the first day of training. If a booking is made at short notice (less than 7 days before the course is due to start then payment must be made either at the time of booking or within 24 hours of the booking being placed or the space will be lost.

11. You must produce the following for all CBT courses; a valid UK full or provisional licence. If the licence is the older paper licence then you must also bring with you photo ID (e.g a valid passport).

For all test training courses you must bring your full or provisional driving licence, a valid CBT certificate (DL196), a valid category A Theory test pass certificate, and photographic ID (i.e. driving licence). The Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will not accept anything other than an original, valid, complete and legible UK licence and the issue numbers must match the official database - there are no exceptions to this.

For all full test courses we must have details of your Driver number at least seven days before the start of the course. We cannot organise your Motorcycle test without it and you will be liable for the test fee if we are unable to notifying the DVSA in time with your details.

If you are taking a practical test please ensure that your Driving Licence has your current address. If you have recently moved, you must notify DVSA and update your address details prior to training.

12. Students are responsible for all test fees and other associated costs with third parties, such as the DVLA, in regards to their training. Daventry Motorcycle School will advise you of these when appropriate, but these remain your responsibility.

13. Daventry Mototrcycle School will endeavour to make your training as safe and enjoyable as possible. However, there is always a small element of risk in connection with the use of any motor vehicle, which cannot be totally eliminated. Unlike a car, your instructor can have no direct control over your vehicle and ultimately it is your responsibility to ride safely. With this in mind you must comply with the following:

Ensure that you are, and remain, fit to train. Only you know your physical and mental condition.

You must not be over tired, injured, or suffering from any ailment, which could affect your riding.

You must not have taken any drugs, including alcohol, which may affect your ability to ride.

You must inform your instructor if there are any problems in these respects or if any occur during the day. You must also ensure that you notify your instructor should you require additional breaks, remember to bring your lunch, and have appropriate safety gear/clothing.

Only you will know if you are fit to continue.

14. In the unlikely event of an accident, Daventry Mototrcycle School has in place Public Liability, Employers Liability and Motor Insurances in order to ensure that you have the highest level of protection in place whilst training with us. Copies of these are available on request.

Though these terms seem intimidating, they are only there to protect everyone involved in vehicle training. If you follow the instruction of our instructors its is unlikely that you will encounter danger, cause damage to the equipment, or put your safety at risk. In fact, we hope to provide you with skills that can begin your journey as as a safe and competent rider.

We look forward to seeing you soon and we hope that you enjoy your training.
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